A love letter to GEICO deconstructing their Baltimore-bashing video w/ host Dave “Wanna be a Jerk” Holmes is featured on Impose.

Scapescape, September 2013


Hot pink vinyl of Celebration’s FR025 will be available 9/7

Deception Pass, August 2013

Baltimore Tape Club Vol. 3 up on Impose this week.


Dining with friends


Zomes, Variations Vol. 1

A few weeks ago I shared a Daniel Higgs cassette, and this week we’ll take another Lungfish member’s project for a spin. Zomes’ Variations Vol. 1 was released by Imminent Frequencies, a c30 that is limited to 300 copies. Captured between 2010 and 2012, these takes opt to leave out the drum machine beats found on Asa Osborne’s LPs with Holy Mountain and Thrill Jockey. The resulting “astral melodic keyboard passages” are more minimalist journeys leads by one of the most peaceful and awe-inspiring artists your ears will have the pleasure to meet. Order the tape here.

Mount Rainier, August 2013

Last year’s summer mixtape I made for Impose holds up nicely.

Mount Rainier, August 2013

San Diego, July 2013

Wendy Rene, “What Will Tomorrow Bring”


Gather ‘round for Baltimore Tape Club Vol. 2 on Impose ft. Rod Hamilton, Daniel Higgs & Raindeer.

First print ad I’ve ever designed. Thanks, Decoder!

Seattle Aquarium, July 2013